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Do not leave your baby or pet in the car!

From 01/07 to 31/08
We are on vacation and the temperature in the shade exceeds 30 degrees in the shade almost every day! In a closed car left in a sunny parking lot, the temperature can rise to 90 degrees Celsius. For children or pets that stay in the car for the duration of even short purchases, it is a deadly danger, threatening their lives!

Therefore, we ask - do not take any chances!

Don't leave your child in the car while shopping! If they can't stay home, take them with you! In the Shopping Centre you can rest, drink a refreshing drink or eat a meal. There are places to play for the youngest, and in the parent's and child's room, you can feed or change your toddler.

Also, take care of pets. On hot summer days, it's best not to take them with you for shopping and do not leave them in the car in the parking lot!

Let's take care of our loved ones and enjoy a great vacation.